Our Programs

Beginner to Proficient English

Our English Proficiency courses will take you from Beginner to Proficient English speaker with a structured program, enabling you to communicate effectively in everyday social situations.

Academic & Business English

Our Academic and Business English courses will build upon your English proficiency, and teach you how to speak and write efficiently and effectively in different fields of work or study.

Public Speaking & Debate

Our Presentation, Public Speaking and Debate courses will teach you the skills, techniques and strategies to confidently speak in public, give a memorable presentation, and debate effectively.

Personalised Tutoring

Our tailor-made tutoring service will help you get the most out of your formal education. We focus on comprehension and exposition of textual materials, and the important skill of hand-writing.


Frank Shu


My instructor determined my weaknesses and geared my lessons towards fixing those. In addition, the material covered is reasonably challenging, which help push the thinking of the student to further develop their ideas.

Daniel Liu


I learned more studying for two hours in your class than I did in two weeks in my classes at school.

Annie Tang

mother of student

My son’s teachers told me that he totally changed this year. Better organization, better discipline, finishes homework on time and cleaner writing. He not only learns English from you but also learns good habits and confidence.

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